Health & Safety measures we have put in place to keep you safe

From cleaning equipment, fogging the building to simply taking your temperature. Read on to see what we do to keep you safe when exercising with us.

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We are covid safe.

What are we doing to keep you safe when you exercise with us? 

At the Core Fitness Training Club we know how important it is to keep you safeWhether it’s a 1-2-1 PT session, a small group class or even our larger group circuit training classes, we have procedures in place to keep you safe. 

PT in our studio: Upon arrival we first provide you with hand sanitiser before you touch anything. We then check your temperature. A high temperature could be a sign you are carrying covid so if you were to have a high temperature, we will ask to reschedule our session.  

We ask you to hang any belongings on the hooks provided and store and bags, phones etc on the shelf provided. 

All equipment in our studio is thoroughly cleaned in-between sessions. For your session we prepare all the specific equipment that you will be using, clean it again and have ready for you meaning we don’t need to keep touching it. 

We wear a mask throughout the session, it’s not essential for you to wear one as it’s not easy to exercise wearing a mask. We will always try and keep a 2-meter gap at all times but can still give you all the specific coaching you need. 

No loud music is played meaning we don’t need to shout. 

We have our rear door open at all times as well as our rear windows. We also have a fan at the back of the studio blowing the fresh air around the room. We have air conditioning in the studio and if it on we have it set for fresh air rather than circulated the same air. 

We ask you to bring your own towel and water bottle that you keep with you at all times. We have a toilet you can use as well as a kitchen area with hot water and soap if you need to wash your hands. 

Once you have finished your session and collected all your belongings, we then clean everything again including everything you may have touched ready for the next session. 

We have also invested in a dental approved fogging machine (this is what dentist use to clean rooms for patients) The fogger is left on overnight. It emits a dry, fog solution into to air. As the fog sets, anything it lands on it will disinfect automatically. This means that every part of our studio is deep cleaned every day. All the hard-to-reach areas are cleaned and you can feel rest assured you will feel safe in our studio. 

Small Group Training classes: During our popular small group training classes we limit the studio to 4 people plus the trainer. Each individual has their own space in the studio and has their own equipment to use. We provide all the equipment and before you arrive everything has been thoroughly cleaned and set up ready for you to use. You don’t need to share any equipment during the sessionyou work on your own following the plan we set meaning no one else should get close to you. 

As with the personal training we provide you with hand sanitiser and check your temperature when you arrive. You store your belongings and set yourself up in your space ready to go.  

The windows and doors are open and a fan blows the air around the room. We don’t play loud music so you can hear the trainer and communicate with others in the room if needed. 

Once you have finished, we will clean the equipment and prepare for the next session. 

Group Circuit Training: You should feel completely safe at these sessions as we are training outdoors in the open air. Before you arrive, we have asked you to book on so we know how many of you are attending. We then have set up the space with cones, spaced 3-5meters apart. 

For these sessions we ask you to bring your own mat and set of weights meaning you don’t have to share any equipment with anyone else. 

When you arrive, you head to a cone and set yourself up at any space you prefer (most people hide at the back!) This will be your base for the session. We will set up at the front so you can see us at all times and know what to do. We do walk around to check on you but aim to keep our distance.  

Once your session has finished you then gather your belongings and head off. 

Sessions will resume again indoors at some point and we will provide equipment for you but for now will remain outside and ask you to bring your own equipment. 

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