Reaching Your Health & Fitness Goals Is Truly Rewarding!

Core Fitness is all about supporting you reach your chosen goals in the best possible environment. We offer the most caring, supportive and motivational guidance possible. So let's get to work!

Let's just put it out there, keeping fit is hard work!

Honestly, there is no quick fix to reaching your health and fitness goals, other than by moving your body.

Signing up to a gym membership is the easy part but showing up on a regular basis can be a challenge when you are starting out.

You might be feeling:

We understand that starting a new fitness program can be a challenge.  We also understand that reaching a certain fitness goal or sporting achievement requires an element of expertise.  

Most top athletes have a team of coaches and trainers to help them be the best and guide their journey to success.

At Core Fitness, we are passionate about helping you change the way you feel about yourself by changing the way you live.  We want you to walk away from a Personal Training session or one of our group classes feeling motivated and fantastic.

We will help you to achieve this!

We also want to help educate and train you, to reach your personal fitness goals and see extra ordinary results.

Please see some of our reviews below to read how we have helped people like you.

Our Story

Core Fitness was founded in 2009 by Scott and Lucy Merrilees, both have a sporting background and met whilst working together in the gym.

Scott’s passion for the science behind training as a professional athlete is what drove him to qualify as a personal trainer and pass on the benefit of his passion, knowledge, experience and lifestyle habits to as many people as possible. 

Core Fitness began by offering group circuit training classes for anyone who wanted to improve their fitness as well as one to one personal training sessions for those wanting to achieve specific fitness goals.  Core Fitness is for everyone, people who may be just starting out on their fitness and nutrition journey, or someone who has exercised all their life and wants to try something new.  We really care about helping people improve their fitness one step at a time.

We are proud to have supported the local community in Chalfont St Peter over the past decade and a half by offering a wide range of different group classes that suit everyone as well as working with individuals offering personal training sessions to suit every specific goal. 

Everyone supports & encourages one another; to the trainer, the individual who has been with us from the start or the individual having their first ever workout with us.

We pride ourselves on offering an encouraging, supportive and non-judgemental atmosphere in order to help you every step of the way. We want you to achieve your desired health and fitness goals.

Core Fitness has grown significantly over the years and we are proud to have helped 1000s of local people get fit, stay healthy and develop a passion and habit for regular exercise.

Our Training Studio

6 Market Place

Our exclusive private personal training studio is located in the centre of Chalfont St Peter. The studio is fully equipped to a high standard with the best training equipment specifically chosen by us. 

Our studio has been carefully designed to offer the best training environment all year round, 7 days a week.

Why not come and visit us to see for yourself?

Scott, Lucy & family

Core Fitness is a family run business by local owners Scott and Lucy Merrilees.  Both have lived in and around Buckinghamshire for over 30 years. They live locally with their 3 young children.

Scott became a recognised gym instructor in 2005 and a full time personal trainer in 2008. He began by working in local gyms to gain valuable experience needed to train individuals in the gym environment and soon realised that it was possible to get better results simply by focusing on the training that really mattered by maximising the time and space available.

Scott has studied and continues to study many aspects of the health and fitness industry, he has certificates in personal training, gym instructing, circuit training, studio cycling, heart zone training, pre and post-natal training, advanced exercise instruction as well as nutrition and weight management amongst others.

Lucy trained full time at a well-known stage school, going onto dance professionally for a number of years, before moving into the fitness industry. She is qualified in & has taught hundreds of different group fitness classes, including Fitness Pilates, Zumba, Spin, HIIT training, Tabata training and Fitball, to name a few.

Both Scott & Lucy continue to strive to become the best physical trainers possible.  They are always enhancing their knowledge across every aspect of the health and fitness industry.

The Core Fitness Team

We are proud to offer a talented team of personal trainers who help our customers reach their health and fitness goals.

Our team are from different sporting backgrounds and offer a range of training programs

Get Healthy ~ Lose Weight ~ Feel Great

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