Body Transformation at the Core Fitness Training club

See what can be done in 6 weeks by training twice a week at the Core Fitness Training club and following our nutritional pack whilst still working full time and having a two year old.

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We hope you like this transformation by one of our female clients who’s started training with us in September. 

Hard work has paid off as you can see by personal training twice a week with us and following our nutritional pack in just 6 weeks.

Mum of one (two year old) and working full time with a mix of working from home and traveling to her place of work. Goals were to change appearance for the better by weight / strength training. Would like to get back to a pre pregnancy / pre lockdown weight by loosing fat and building muscle. 

Also to mentally feel good again and feel confident in herself.

By following a Core Fitness 12 week programme designed by Scott over 6 weeks you can see the differences in appearance and shape.

Great work!

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