Jan Lamb

“I have not trained for many years. Mainly because I have a phobia of gyms filled with prima donnas all looking at themselves in mirrors and it put me off. I am too self-conscious. Initially, I started going along to Scott’s classes to simply get out of the house, get moving again and lose some weight. I started off training once a week. With the help, support and motivation that Scott and my sister have given me I now do 3 or 4 classes a week….. and love it! Why? It is not only helped my physical stamina, but my bingo wings, my posture, my tummy muscles (yes they have reminded me they are still there) and importantly to me too, my mental health. Scott’s aspirational classes allow everyone, no matter what their age or ability is, to better themselves. EVERY class is different. You have no idea what you will be doing one class to the next. It never gets boring! You work at your own pace, and work to achieve your own personal improvement goals. And the best part – no one is looking and no one is judging. Its hard work but it is fun too!”

Julie Van Den Berg

“I’ve been going to these classes for 3 years and I love them! I have never stuck at an exercise class for this long ever! No two classes are the same, there is a great variety of equipment, from hand weights, to medicine balls, to sliders and a typical class covers cardio, weights and core strength exercises. When I first joined the classes I really liked the fact that you can just turn up, pay as you go and no need to book, but now I opt for the £56 a month option which means I can do as many classes as I want. I usually manage 2-3 a week, but there are 5 to choose from, 4 a week in Chalfont St. Peter and 1 in Amersham. The classes are HIIT style, but there is no pressure to go at full pace, you can go at your own pace and choose weights to suit you. It’s like Chalfont St. Peter’s answer to the Body Coach! 😉 Give it a go!”

Kate Woods

“This class is brilliant for any level of fitness.  The classes are always varied and done to a wicked sound track. Before you know it the hour is over and you’ve had a fantastic workout!”

Chris Myers

“I have never enjoyed going to any type of gym and I have tried a lot of them. Then I went to Core Fitness…that was three years ago and I have never looked back. Scott’s classes are inspirational, energising, body changing but above all, fun! Every class is different. He helps each person individually so much so it feels like a private lesson. He is enthusiastic and always encouraging. Everyone who comes feels wonderful after a workout and friends are made because we all keep coming back! I cannot recommend Scott highly enough. My husband and I go together and we have never felt better.”

Fiona Carter

“Scott’s mum and baby fitness classes were hands down my favourite activity during maternity leave! I was suffering from real pelvic pain after pregnancy. Scott is a post natal expert when it comes to getting you back to your best and tailored all exercises to help me regain strength and fitness.

I’m now back after my second baby (this time c-section recovery) and couldn’t recommend the classes enough. It’s great to do something so positive for yourself with your baby alongside you!”

Klara Smith

“I like going to Scott’s fitness as it’s for all levels and abilities, but still a great workout. My son also goes to kids fitness class with Scott and he loves it!”

Lucy Price

“I have been to the Mum and Baby classes after having both of my children and they are fantastic. The exercises are really tailored for post pregnancy and Scott is great at making sure you’re doing each exercise correctly and at a level that works for you. It’s really relaxed with the babies and absolutely no problem if you need to feed or hold them. There’s usually a way to do the exercises whilst holding your baby although they quickly become heavier than the weights!”

Annie Bratton

“I’ve been exercising with Scott for 5 years now and love it. I started off with buggy fit and then moved onto circuit training and haven’t looked back. He is a great teacher, he takes the time to get to know everyone and if they need help or advice. The classes are very friendly and no one is ever left out. Highly recommended!”

Nia Davies

“Fantastic, fun classes that really improve fitness and strength. I have done both mum and baby fitness as well as HIIT and highly recommend both. Scott is fab – motivational and supportive – and works hard to make the classes different and fun. The flexible payment structure is also a winner. Definitely give the classes a try.

Amy Harwood

“Scott’s mum and baby fitness class is ideal for mums looking to get fit and into shape after having a baby. I have taken the postnatal fitness classes after having both of my children. The exercises are carefully designed to be safe for postnatal ladies and to do completely at your own pace.

The class is really flexible and relaxed. You bring your baby along and it’s no problem at all to stop at any point to attend to them.

Scott has personally helped me feel much stronger again and to reach my goal of building up my fitness again after pregnancy. I would highly recommend this class – thank you so much Scott!”

Stephen Sharples

“Scott’s classes are very varied and he keep us on our toes, (as well as our arms, backs, shoulders, thighs etc!).  He knows the importance of having good warm up and recovery at the start and end of the class, with a minute or two between each set of exercises to keep us supple and moving. Each of the four sets of six exercises are themed but each week has some variation so we don’t get bored. I have been coming to the classes for many years and always enjoy the way that Scott brings out the best in everyone, whatever their level of fitness, giving advice if needed on either preparation for an event e.g. a sponsored run, or if you have a health problem or injury to manage.  He creates a friendly atmosphere which we all enjoy.”

Summer Brunning

“11kg is the equivalent of 44 regular packets of butter.  This is the weight that I have lost with the help of Scott in the space of 11 months.  Visualising the weight loss as packets of butter rather than a dumb-bell made me realise how much I have achieved.  And what’s the secret?  Well, a number of things: not joining a gym but attending regular Core Fitness classes, weighing myself on a fixed day and monitoring my progress on an Excel graph and finally eating smaller portions of my usual food.

Scott’s circuit classes offer a variety of exercise to suit everybody.  I love the fact that I can decide how much exercise I want to do in a month, I can pay for it up front and that gives me the incentive to make the classes.  Scott offers cardiovascular exercise, I can also use weights and Medicine balls for legs and abs.  He makes the classes fun and encourages you to push yourself; there have been several times when I’ve felt too tired to go to the class but gone anyway and felt so much better for it afterwards.  And it’s such a nice feeling to be fitter and healthier!  I would wholeheartedly recommend Scott’s Core Fitness classes for either weight loss or just to improve fitness.  It really is a worthwhile lifestyle choice, oh and did I mention the 44 packets of butter”?

Ian Walker

“Scott is always thinking of new exercises to keep us on the ball, making sure we do each exercise correctly and gets maximum performance out of the whole group, he makes sure muscles are never stressed incorrectly. I would certainly recommend Scott to anybody wishing to get fit.

I have been attending your classes since when you first started at Chalfont St Peter infant school in 2009 up to the present date, long may it continue”.

Sonya Exley

“There’s a great group of people at Scott’s circuits classes with lots of regular faces as well as new faces coming through. I think the secret of why people keep coming back is the classes are an excellent all round workout with a good variety of exercises that work all parts of the body at each session and also the fact that it’s great value for money. The added benefit is you can book the classes a month ahead if you need that extra incentive to make sure you make it to the class”